What Technologies are used in web design?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 & User-Friendly Effects.
  • PHP Language For All Dynamic Websites
  • MySQL Database to Store/Restore the Data.
  • Javascript & JQuery; Effects Design.
  • Bootstrap; Makes Website Responsive in All Devices.

Is it possible to make a change and develop the website after initial design?

Yes, all websites are changeable after the initial design. You may request to make a change in your website at any time, even after we complete the project based on the lease agreement. Of course, some changes need a new lease agreement and cost additional fees. To view the estimated fee for different features click here.

Is it possible to add another language to my website?

Yes, you can add one or more languages to your website.

How long does it take to design a website?

It depends on the complexity and feature set of your website. Our commitment is to design your website, with great attention., in minimum time. While the project duration is determined on the lease agreement, we are responsible to complete your website design on time.

Is the optimization necessary for all websites?

Since website optimization increases the visibility of your website and makes it appear higher in search engine results pages, the answer is “Yes”. So, with website optimization, you will attract more visitors and as the results more clients.