Corporate Website for corporations, organizations

Corporate Website for corporations, organizations

Corporate Website

Corporate Website is a web page that is used by corporations, organizations and companies. There are many purposes for designing a corporate website such as:

  • quick and easy accessibility
  • sending notifications
  • introducing new products
  • previewing portfolio’s work
  • providing online cataloges
  • increasing the corporate reliability
  • costumers’loyalty
  • etc.

Corporate Website Tools

Content Management

Ability to create and publish an unlimited number of contents that includes advanced editing,categorizing, labeling, encoding, timing, uploading files, etc.

User Management System

Ability to sign up and register new users, login and change password, create unlimited accounts for staff and users, read the messages that have sent by co-workers, contact info of users for the management.

Comments Management System

Ability to receive users’ comments, administrate and view the comments, send email to the website manager and ability to inactive the comment portion on specific pages such as non-member users.

Products and Services

Introducing the products and services in professional methods by providing pictures, videos, animations, relevant articles and also introduceing management team,board members, staff and corporate experts.

SEO Services and Optimization

It Has a strong fundamental with effective SEO, which is one of the most important tools to attract clients and increase the selling.

Security and update

Installing strong plugins to prevent any possible hacking and keeping the website updated. 

Multi-Language Website

Increasing the range of domestic and foreign customers and the ability to provide high-quality products and services beyond the  country borders by a multilingual website. 

Payment Methods

The ability to use different payment methods, such as debit, credit, PayPal, money order, cashier’s check, etc.