Educational Websites and the tools of it

Educational Websites and the tools of it

Educational Websites

Nowadays, most of the people have access to computer, smartphone or tablet. Therefore it is necessary for all schools, academies, tutoring and learning centers to have their own website. A good website has a big effect to enhance communication between students, teachers and staff.

Educational Website has many other advantages, such as online courses, exams, library, educational instaurations to provide services and develop the learning process, event page, etc.

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Educational Websites Tools

Administration Panel

The administrators have access to majors, classes, class schedule, exams, paid/unpaid tuition and students/teachers/staff records.

Teachers Panel

The teachers are able to provide their biography, achievements, syllabus, office hours and class schedules. Also they can grade the exams, submit assignments and send announcements to the students.

Students Panel

With a user name and password, students will have access to their weekly schedule, exams, assignments, study materials, grades and discussion board.


A newsletter is helpful to announce teachers, students and parents.

SEO Services and Optimization

It Has a strong fundamental with effective SEO, which is one of the most important tools to attract clients and increase the selling.

Security and Update

Installing strong plugins to prevent any possible hacking and keeping the website updated. 



Online Library

The library includes books, e-books, catalogs, slideshows, pictures, videos, etc.


Advanced Tools

The website includes other educational materials such as a certificate, transcript, online quiz, online chat, advertising board, supporting system, etc.