Personal website and the tools of it

Personal website and the tools of it

Personal Website

A personal Website is a great tool for attorneys, artists, photographers, authors, doctors, teachers, politicians, researchers and all other people who want to provide some activities or samples of work online.

With a Personal Website, while many people are able to visit your web page, there is a good opportunity to provide your activities and achivements. In fact, it is your professional portfolio which helps you to find a better job opportunity and develop your career.

Personal Website Tools


A good environment to provide your skills, achievements, and resume that helps you to find better job opportunities.

User Friendly Graphic Design

Ability to design a creative user friendly graphic that is attracive and responsive to smartphone, tablet and PC.

Presenting Skills and Services

Providing photo gallery, video clips and the ability to manage the media and categorize the contents.


News, Blogs, Articles, Events

Ability to categorize news, blogs, events, articles, add comment boxes and administrate the pages.

SEO Services and Optimization

It Has a strong fundamental with effective SEO, which is one of the most important tools to attract clients and increase the selling. 


Security and Update

Installing strong plugins to prevent any possible hacking and keeping the website updated.  

Connection to Social Media Apps

Ability to connect to social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc and share the content with others.

Comments and Contact

Making different forms such as contact list, newsletter, email to manager/staff and submitting comments.